Yay or Nay? Should Nigeria legalise the use of Marijuana now?


News trickled in yesterday that South Africa had legalised the use of Marijuana. South Africa’s top court had ruled that personal cannabis use is legal, since then there have been photos circulating online of people celebrating following the announcement outside the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, delivering the Johannesburg-based Constitutional Court’s unanimous verdict, said the law banning marijuana use in private by adults ‘is unconstitutional and therefore invalid’.

The use of Marijuana is banned in most countries in Africa, Nigeria inclusive. That has not stopped the illegal use of it though and many people have argued that if people make millions of Dollars by illegally importing and distributing Marijuana to countries where it is banned, shouldn’t those countries legalise it for the sake of the business? And there’s also the medical use of it.

What do you think though?

Yay or Nay? Should Nigeria legalise use of Marijuana now?