Xbusta did a good job with a poor song on “One Corner” cover


Five Star Music signee, Xbusta, has just jumped on Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’- a song that is currently rocking the streets of Ghana, and blowing up the social media space in the country. Joey Akan, Head of Music at Pulse Nigeria has described it as “basically a mock dash to a hidden corner to dance to the record by rhythmically moving your hips in sexualized dance movements. When the song is played, it is customary to find a corner and start gyrating your waist in a funny way”, he says.

The song has received endorsements from local celebrities in Ghana.

Xbusta put on his rap game on this one probably hoping to gain more relevance in the Nigerian music clime. He is not the first to do so. Wizkid and Davido also jumped on Fuse ODG’s Azonto when it became a hit in Ghana and went on to blow it across several music climes around the globe, including the US and UK. But the question still remains whether “One Corner” has enough flavour to blow anywhere outside of Ghana. Funny, it has been referred to as the ‘dumbest song to ever become a hit in Ghana’. And is the song really dumb? Yes It Is.

It has resemblances with the “Ogene Sound” popular in SouthEast Nigeria, with fast rhythmic sounds and a feel of concussions in between.

Xbusta did a fantastic job on the song when you compare his version with the riginal sound. His flows are always fantastic and he layered them on the fast beat perfectly. His delivery of the song from start to finish was excellent and you could say he’s version is way better than the original.

However, he could have done a better job. Patapaa’s “One Corner” chorus makes zero sense. Jumping on the song using same chorus which makes ‘zero sense’ would mean removing marks from a work you’re trying to impress with. One could argue that removing the original chorus of the song would remove the flavour from it but that’s not true. The beat is enough to keep the song’s original flavour. Xbusta would have done a better job on the chorus while keeping the flavour from the beat intact.

Overall, he did a good job with a poor song.

You can listen to and download Xbusta’s version of Patapaa’s “One Corner” below

Listen to his own version of the song. Enjoy

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Xbusta – One Corner (Cover)