Xbusta’s new single “Runs” is a win for Imo State even though it’s a regular naija sound


Xbusta is out with a new single “Runs” and it seems he’s finally decided to tow in the regular direction every Nigerian single has done in recent times. The same mid tempo beat, the same vibe, the same rhythm. The Five Star Music man is doing what everyone else is doing.

Something is spectacular though about it. His rhymes. Xbusta is known for his prowess in bringing words and phrases together to make rhymes and once again he didn’t disappoint.

He goes “Babygirl to love you na my duty, I suppose pay you for your beauty, Cos you too fine I wanna make you mine, Na you go even born my son cos you too shine”

Awesome and Fantastic at the same time. He doesn’t disappoint, he never disappoints.

After two listens though, I gave my verdict. He’s a great singer with a lot of bright future but Aside his rhymes, he got a regular score in “Runs”.

It’s a win though for Imo State. The state has in recent times seen two or three of their local artistes emerge into the mainstream industry, riding alongside big players of the industry. Xbusta is one of them and his new single “Runs” is helping bridge the gap between the local (Imo) and mainstream industry and that is good for everything-  GROWTH.

Yes Xbusta’s new single “Runs” is a win for Imo state even though it’s a regular naija sound.