Xbusta said farewell to his Bosses at Five Star Music in the most epic of ways


    On Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 Xbusta announced his exit from Five Star Music. Before that announcement, Xbusta was the last of a host of artistes signed under the Label who have also gone on to exit the Record Label.

    Xbusta’s annoncement came both as a shock and a fulfillment of most Music Critic’s expectations.

    “It was an awesome experience and an amazing journey for me as a member of fivestar music , i learned alot and i will always be grateful. The reception was warm, the love was pure,i was taught to know the business, to have a good heart, to help others, to be prayerful ,to be consistent and most importantly i was taught to be a man, five star was and is still a home for me but as a student graduates and moves into the labor market so i move ahead with the blessings from my teachers to go into the world, succeed and reproduce , i thank you for this wonderful opportunity,i am so excited and i promise to make the best out of it..God bless you @iam_kcee @iam_emoney1 @fivestarmusicng


    Five Star Music gave Xbusta an awesome experience and took him through an amazing journey. Here was a boy who did music out of passion and who wanted to make money off it. Five Star Music offered him his heart desire and brought him to the Nigerian music space. That boy who only had dreams was given a chance to live those dreams. It was indeed an awesome experience and according to him, he learned a lot from it.

    He got to know the business, to have a good heart, to help others, to be prayerful, to be consistent and most importantly, he learned to be a man. Those were his exact words. Xbusta grew from a freestyler who was popular in Owerri to a relatively known rapper who now walks on the Nigerian music space. Thats a huge progresion and if there’s one thing we think he truly learned, it is how to be consistent. He consistently dropped singles in 2017 an has gone on to replicate that in 2018 with a collaboration with Kcee.

    The collaboration he did with Kcee was supposed to be released in 2017 as “Yobo Yobo” but was delayed, and in 2018 he made light of a situation that called for seriousness by renaming that 2017 collaboration with Kcee which was never released to “Farewell” and releasing it a day after he announced his exit from the label. How Epic! Who would have thought that Xbusta would do that. We all expected him to leave Five Star Music but not in that fashion. Five Star Music has done a poor job in managing its artistes and that has been responsible for their spells with artistes signed under them. Artistes like Harrysong, Skiibi and now Xbusta but that is a story for another day.

    Right now the fashion in which Xbusta said farewell to his Bosses at Five Star Music is the most epic of ways.