X – Rated: Andy Murray exposed!!!


X – Rated: Andy Murray exposed!!!

Andy Murray accidentally Shares his P**is X-Ray Pic online after the Briton went under the knife to save his career before taking to Instagram.

The Wimbledon winner had undergone a “hip resurfacing” xray but his followers were quick to pounce on what they felt was an accidental X-rated snap.

They believe the X-ray shows his private parts too.

One wrote: “Wonder if anyone realised you could see Andy Murray’s twig and giggle berries on the hip replacement X-ray.

“Anyway Andy wish you a speedy recovery.”

Another said: “Hey Andy Murray X-rays don’t just show bones my friend. No pun intended, please re-think your Insta post.”

While another simply blurted out: “You can see the top of his d***.