With little help from Harrysong, Xbusta showed immense growth in “Ogologo”


Some people call him the king of freestyle, others call him the rap beast, but I’ll call him the tenacious entertainer. This is because Xbusta has been a victim of heavy criticism from his own fans and the media.

Before now Xbusta has been heavily criticized for being just a freestyler and an under performer when it comes to the real deal- rap music. These criticisms continued even while he was under E-money’s Five Star Music.


Songs like “Runs”, “Somebody” and “Bad” were heavily criticized by the media and fans for under performing and in effect flopped in the industry. But amid all these criticisms, the Imo born rapper obviously kept his head high and focused on what’s ahead. Xbusta has proven over time that he’s in the music industry for the long run, and his new song “Ogologo” with Harrysong solidifies that fact.


There’s not much to say about “Ogologo”. It is a good song. It is deep and is clinically done. Xbusta’s decision to feature Harrysong in it also gives it a plus.

While “Ogologo” is a good song largely because of Xbusta’s  decision to fuse in a little bit of melody to his rap, Harrysong added colour to it. His vast understanding of the Afropop genre and his ability to create magic with each time came into play and Xbusta took advantage of that.

Indeed, with little help from Harrysong, Xbusta showed immense growth in “Ogologo”