Why you should surround yourself with successful people.



There’s a saying that you are the average of the five people you spent most of your time with. Why do you think parents always tell their children they don’t want them hanging out with those kids. No parents will want their children to be like the others who think of success for them self.



Theres is every possibility that the people you spent time with can influence you either negatively or positively, there’s no I know what am doing in that situation.


Successful people have the mind set that there’s no problem without a solution, they don’t look at problem rather they find possible solution to that kind of problem. They have the mind set that there’s never a problem without a solution.



When you spend time with successful people you start thinking, acting, planning and doing things like them from that point your success period starts. When you can picture that future you want then you are a step closer to that future, getting ideas from successful people give you the fuel to keep moving.


Remember you are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. Don’t be with everyone else because of what people will say about you but be with those that will influence you to succeed.
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