Why you need a rest


    Rest is one important factor often neglected by many.

    We get busy with work, academics, passion, goals, vision that we forget or never really take out time to rest. Soon enough we get stressed out, sometimes fall very ill.

    We spend lots of money, time and other resources and even sap more from love one’s and relative to recuperate. Resources that would have been put to a better use if only we took time to rest, spend time with love one’s. It’s never a healthy choice robbing peter to pay paul, working so hard to the detriment of our health.

    Even companies and organization we claim to work for requires only healthy staff, our goals and vision need us to think clear and be in sound health, if we must near accomplishment. It is very good to work so hard but better to remain healthy, in other to be top and always remain energized, revitalize with a clear thought and vigour to achieve twice our effort.

    Learn to spare time on your schedule for rest, it is as important as your work. My friend John Oyerinde’s assertion on his facebook post ” if you are tired, learn to rest and not quit” is instructive.

    Umeliwu Augustine