Why people hate Mondays


Why people hate Mondays.

Majority of people have been living with a lot of fallacy about Mondays
for their whole life and will probably continue to live
with it forever.

The question is, why is Monday always a bad day?

On Sunday nights, there’s always a change of attitude after knowing work resumes the next day.

This shift is often why we sleep worse on a Sunday night, and lack of sleep the night before is bound to make Monday pretty miserable.

Some research has shown that people experience
more stress hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline)
increase on a Monday making the risk of heart attack higher.

Interestingly they observed that particpants showed a peak in these hormones even after they had stopped working, suggesting that there’s something internal being entrenched.

People dislike for Monday is phycologically and if the thought can be tamed from within, Mondays would end up being great cause its the beginning of a new work day.

Have a blissful Monday.