What to do if your phone is lost or stolen



You might not think your phone will get lost, actually no one will expect such thing to happen.
Losing a smartphone either to theft, mishandling, or any other mishap can be a really horrible experience. Normally, the next step to take after the occurrence of a smartphone loss is to try to recover the device, before replacement comes to mind — i.e when recovery fails.



Here’s what to do when you lose your phone:

1. Track or Locate the Device
The first advised step is to determine where you device is. This will help tell if your phone was stolen or mislaid, or you forget it at an event you attended.

If you have tracking and monitoring apps previously installed on the device, you can easily track them. There are a good number Android tracking apps available on the Google Play Store and likewise, App Store, for tracking iOS devices.

Alternatively, you can use the services of phone manufacturers to locate your phone. “Find My iPhone” is a perfect phone tracking service for iPhone users while the “Find My Device” is for Android devices. These apps and services allows you remotely “call” your device to see if it around you (maybe lying somewhere in the kitchen drawer) and give map and satellite locations, too.



2. Change critical passwords
Immediately change the password(s) to your critical apps, such as email, cloud storage and, of course, online banking. When all tracking efforts have proved abortive and your phone is still unreachable, the next best thing to do is to change the password of vital apps with sensitive information.



3. Contact your carrier
The next step is to contact your carrier and alert it that the phone is missing. This is when you can take advantage of all that information you preemptively wrote down about your account.
If you are positive the device is in someone else’s hands, ask the carrier to stop the service and start the process of getting your number transferred to a new device. (Keeping the same telephone number is especially important if you use the device as a tool for multifactor authentication .)




4. Notify your employer
“If you use the device to access work emails, apps or just text colleagues about work-related topics, inform your employer that the device is lost, This allows the company to take preventive steps to secure its data. The company’s IT department may also be able to delete company data from your phone remotely.




5. Contact relatives and work buddies
It is also highly recommended that you notify relative and the people at your workplace about your missing device, particularly if you use the phone to access work-related data and information. Inform your colleagues and employer will be an awesome idea.




6. Remote-wipe the phone
Finally, if you are absolutely certain the phone has been stolen and is gone for good, do a remote wipe of the device. This should be the last resort, because once that information is gone, it is usually gone for good.