What if



Life in the street is all about whether or not you succeed, survival is the order of the day what everyone in the street works and struggle for is to survive.



The street care for it’s self, every day people struggle hawking doing manual jobs going through difficult times making the best use of there time.



But is that enough to care for there family, is it enough to care for there personal needs, is it enough to get them out of corruption and live right to please the government?



What if the government knew it’s for the people, not for some of the people, what if it knew it’s supposed provide not collect, what if they knew the people in the street needs care for the children from the government…… What if.



Politician use the streets for there dirty games called politics, killing innocent souls during election, equipping the youths with arms for the game of politics, abandoning the youths after the elections with the tools Why won’t the tools provided by the government be used to operate?


What if the government is been run by the youths, will it promise a better tomorrow for the streets?

What if