We would move as a 30,000 member group to join any political party- Linus Okorie


Dr Linus Okorie, a foremost governorship aspirant in Imo State on Wednesday 18th April, 2018 was a guest on My Radio FM Owerri and he spoke at lenght on the party he will run under for the governorship race, zoning and the visions of the Imo Nkeanyi Movement.

On the party he”ll join:

“Before any progressive joins any party, he must do his consultations well and in a powerful so that he does not make mistakes. You need to understand one thing about most of these big political parties. Most of them are so big and they all have a particular culture. The delegates are already waiting for the politicians to come and bring money. “Ikwo Ose” that’s what it’s called. Once that happens it would it would throw up the wrong candidates for elections. We don’t want to get into all that. The day I am going to announce my political party, the whole Imo State would certainly know and we are putting a stop to money politics. We would move as a 30,000 member to join any party.”


On zoning:

“Politics is a game of sentiments and when it is thrown up, a lot of people starts reacting. Zoning is one sentiment that has been a recurring decimal. There is a view from from some quarters that certain zones has had more slots than others. So it should be reserved for Owerri zone. I am not a candidate that would thrive from a particular zone. My zone is Imo. Former Governor Mbakwe of blessed memory did not consider zoning while he held office as the Executive Governor of Imo Stae. Mbakwe hailed from Avutu, Obowo yet he really worked for the development of the entire Imo State and it showed in his workings. I would like to tell you that once someone comes and is a performer, nobody cares about which zone he’s from.”

On the Imo Nkeanyi Moement:

“It is actually called Imo Nkeanyi. This is a concept that says this Imo is ours. Imagine whenever you refer to Imo State as our own. It signifies that Imo belongs to all of us. Not a particular family, group of persons or zone. There is so much love associated with this ideology. Whenever “Imo” is mentioned, there is a sense of love, attachment and you would not think of anything going wrong in the state. Nobody is thinking you are from Okigwe, Owerri or Orlu. I believe all of that is really causing division amongst us. We know that for a long time, Imo State has been deprived of quality leadership capital. This has caused us a lot of poverty, shame and disgrace across the world. A lot of people are dissatisfied with what is going on. A lot of people are challenged by what is going on. Imo is missing a lot. People are no longer proud anymore to be from Imo. Almost all the people who occupied leadership position in time past have been thinking about themselves. Its all about satisfying their selfish interest, personal aggrandizement, empowering only themselves and those related to them. They are forgetting that there are Imo people who are living in the villages. These people are suffering every day. It is on the basis of the above, we came up with an ideology that says this Imo must be restored.”

He further urged his supporters to text their name, LGD, to 08037341295, 07069103274 and visit www.imonkeanyi.org