WATCH: I give you your respect and that’s where it stops – Vector on relationship with M.I


Two of the biggest rappers out of Nigeria, Vector and M.I were involved in a less than pleasant exchange on Instagram recently. This was a spin-off of the “Loose Talk Podcast” where M.I had said that he does not know why he and Vector haven’t worked on a track together.

In a recent episode of “Street Hop” on Hip TV, Vector addressed a number of issues part of which was his exchange with M.I. He stated that he has maximum respect for M.I as one of the trailblazers in the rap game but it ends there.

He also went on the reiterate that M.I said what he said publicly and he had to follow suit, hence he doesn’t see why he should be the one to message him privately.

He later stated that there is really no beef between them and they could still do something together in the future.

Watch the video below: