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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Watch how a Ghanaian boxer Ayittey Powers beat up comedian who pissed...

Watch how a Ghanaian boxer Ayittey Powers beat up comedian who pissed him off on Live TV


A Ghanaian boxer Ayittey Powers tried out his fighting skills on live TV after beating up a comedian on during an interview on Monday, February 19.

Powers is a Ghanaian heavyweight boxer who has been fighting since 2000.

The 37-year-old has made the news following a viral video which shows him beating up a comedian Baba Spirit on live TV.

Fight erupts


The boxer and the comedian were both guests on a show on Amansan TV where they clashed after an argument ensued.

If I know like you people will invite this guy like I won’t come,” an angry Powers said before Baba Spirit replied him….What can you do?”‎

Powers then pounced on him before he was held back by two men in the studio.

Long-running bad blood

According to GhanaWeb, there is a history of bad blood between the Ghanaian boxer and comedian.

Baba Spirit had in August 2017 said that he would beat the boxer ‘like a woman’.

The comedian also repeatedly mocked the boxer after he lost a fight.

It is also reported that Powers could lose his boxing license because of the incidence.


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