Wait…….. Is there anything like marriageable age?


Over the years, there have being confusion over a long lasting argument on the right age to get married and this debate has gone on for a very long time.

According to religion, a particular sect believe a girl can get married at any age while another sect believes there is a right age and a right time to get married.

In other countries, there are ages in which a person especially a lady must get married, e.g in Kenya is 16 ; Liberia, 18 ; Japan , 20 , North
Korea; 17 , Germany ; 18 and UK; 18 .

Since Nigeria is territory bidded by law, let’s look into the Constitution to find answers. The 1999 Constitution (as amended ) has not offered any help in defining this term, although it mentioned the phrase in Section 29 wherein it provides for situations in
which Nigerian citizens may renounce their citizenship. Section 29 (4 ) (a ) stipulates that citizens must be of full age to do so.The section adds that “ full age means the age of eighteen years and above”.

Two things must be noted about this provision of the law : One is that it does not
end there . You must read this sub- section
together with Section 29 (4)(b) which specifies that “ any woman who is married
shall be deemed to be of full age ”.

In conclusion , nothing is said in the Nigerian Constitution about marriageable age, so anybody can marry at any age and at the right time without being pressured by family and friends