How Vivada’s new single “My Bobo” is taking her to mainstream music consciousness


    Vivada’s new single “My Bobo” is currently sweeping through charts and airplays in SouthEast Nigeria. Released in November, the single is gradually gaining relevance. That is not uncommon. It happens almost always when a song is very good and the singer has great potentials.


    Many upcoming musicians fail to attain mainstream consciousness in Nigeria because they lack the rudiments to get there. Sometimes it’s not just the song, many other factors including charisma, loyalty, zeal and open mindedness help push an artiste forward.

    Vivada and DJ Timbaland

    This is true in Vivada’s case. “I’ve been doing music since 2012 but this year I met DJ Timbaland and ever since it’s been one success story after another.” Vivada tells me. DJ Timbaland, one of the top DJs in Imo literally adopted and started managing Vivada early this year and is reshaping her into a mainstream musician, taking care of her song productions, collaborations, promotion and video shoots. This became possible because Vivada obviously made herself available and is willing and open minded.

    “I wish all the upcoming artistes here well…and I want all of us to excel. Here in Imo State I have so much respect for Floxy, Leo Saint and many others, most of them do not know this yet. We (upcoming acts) should try hard to gain relevance in this industry because that’s what we’re all working for.”


    Such good heart! Vivada not only wishes her peers well but wants them to succeed and become big in the industry. That goes to show how large her heart is and anyone could be drawn by it. I know, I was. This contributes to the wide acceptance she’s getting now from players in the industry.

    “I used to look up to Omawumi and I think her style of music largely influences my music. Now though I’m more drawn to Tiwa Savage and Simi”, Vivada continues. That is very true. Listening to “My Bobo” you could almost hear Omawumi. Her pattern and style reflect throughout the song.

    Again that is what makes a musician successful and relevant. Drawing inspiration from established musicians and replicating it. “My Bobo” has the potential to excel because it is a familiar sound. Caught between influences from Yemi Alade and Omawumi, the single if propelled and promoted could do the magic for her. Maybe a collaboration with Yemi or Omawumi could make this happen.


    Vivada is not just any upcoming musician, she’s one to watch. With all her great potentials in the music industry, a little tweaks here and there could see her emerge as a new voice into mainstrem consciousness.

    Download Vivada – “My Bobo” below