Tips to work effectively in hot weather


Hot weather are often uncomfortable and uneasy for people doing manual jobs especially in the afternoon, the heat seems to be much and they get to lose energy easily, this period the weather is hot and need a strategic planning to work effectively on it, so this are some ideas to help work effectively during the hot weather season.

1. You will need to drink more of cold water to reduce the body temperature, and also to avoid dehydration. dehydration may develop a mild headache.



2. Start your work early in the morning before the sun rises, and avoid too much break as it my make the body weak and want to rest.



3. Don’t wear thick clothing material so as to allow free flow of air in to your body to cool down the body temperature and also to dry sweat (sometimes clothes depends on the kind of work)


4. Get extra hand in doing the job of it’s a big one because you won’t want to do all the work and over stress your self wihch may end up breaking you down, now the money your paid will then be used for medical treatment.



5. Don’t forget to eat healthy so as to have the energy to work effectively. You should eat more of carbohydrate and drink enough water to aid digestion.