Tips for a great Travel experience



Most people travel for fun and others for their business, but all the same traveling requires a lot of planning and preparation to avoid stress.

Here are some tips to prepare for a great travel experience:

1. Be sure to pack at least 12 hours be traveling for those with family and at least 6 hours for the singles.

2. Be sure to have extra money with you, just in case you want to buy something along the journey.

3. In the morning before you leave your house be sure to use the comfort room (toilet).

4. Be sure to leave early for those going to a long distance, unless you have your private car.

5. You will need a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration, you wouldn’t like to start looking for pure water on the way.

6. For those going on a long distance jurney, you will need a novel/book to keep me busy while the journey is on.

7. Maintain your positive attitude while traveling, smile and be friendly to those in the buss with you cause you might need help from them.

With these tips i do believe you will have a great travel experience.