Thiem’s Coach talks about his Client’s Heart Condition.


Thiem’s Coach talks about his Client’s Heart Condition.

Coach Gunter Bresnik has finally come out to talk about Theim’s heart condition after the player resumed training on Thursday.

Gunter said the player dealt with some health issues since the Australian Open but he now seems to be fit again.

“There’s nothing wrong with Dominic’s heart or lungs, and his blood counts are okay, but we still have to figure out why he had a heavy cold three times in six weeks”, said Bresnik.

Thiem who has had a fine run in his career so far was asked if he had idols during his childhood: “I didn’t have one specific idol, but I just enjoyed watching tennis.

I was watching almost every match. So, yeah, I admired a lot of players and I tried to take the best shots from each of them.

Yeah, I just enjoyed watching tennis in general.” Asked where his one-handed backhand comes from, Thiem replied: “it’s the only thing, only one thing where it comes from, and that’s a lot of hours hard practice.”