These tips will help you through University with little sponsorship


Surviving the university when there’s no sponsor.

University life is all about struggling and hustling for those students that those not have rich or no sponsor, surviving in this case requires extra effort and double time work.

We interrogated a student in the university about survival when there’s no sponsor and his response shucked everyone he said “admission into the university without a sponsor is frustration” so surviving is not an easy task.


Tips on how to survive on oneself:

1. Do assignment for others: It is for sure that when you are brilliant and know why and what you are in school, gives you an upper hand. Most rich kids in school finds it difficult to do there school assignment. Helping them with the assignment and charging then for it will be a good idea to get some money for your upkeep.



2. Helps fellow rich pals with there projects: Doing project work is another task most student find difficult to do. Getting them to give you the project with little charge will help provide funds for your upkeep.



3. Do manual jobs: As a student in the university you can go for manual jobs during free periods and earn money. There are many jobs that can be done depending on the kind you will be able to do.



4. Use of handwork: if you are skilled in any form of hand work, you can advertise your tallent and get client that will pay for your service.



5. Organizing extra moral classes: some students find it difficult to understand while the lecturers are teaching, so getting them to pay little money for them to be tutored.

Don’t wait till your frustrated before you decide to use your head. Think smarter.