The Uc Flamez brand is no longer part of Pondis management, Rapper Uc Flamez says


Imo born rapper Uc Flamez, this morning distanced himself and his brand from Pondis entertainment, an Imo based talent management company that he signed to a few months ago.

The “Shasha” crooner cited the lack of managerial approach and digression from the purpose as to which he agreed to be part of Pondis management as some of the reasons for the this.

Read his full post below:

“Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!
We didn’t want to talk about this but we have deemed it fit to do so now.We want to use this opportunity to let you know that the Uc Flamez Brand is no longer part of the PONDIS MANAGEMENT BRAND .
This is because of lack of managerial approach and digression from the purpose as to which we agreed to be part of it at the first instance..We accepted the request to join this new family for management reasons and acquiring of shows but none has been met as at today.
Even with the flock of shows since this coalition and this festive season every show we have been on has been liasoned by Uc Flamez instead of the So-called management team.
We can boldly say that The Uc Flamez brand achieved the little it is known for through personal finance-the love from the street and consistency,while the so-called managerial team has done nothing for the brand in the space of time with them.
I am an artiste and a role model to some few people who I inspire thus I have to make this statement and advice -As AN ARTISTE BE FAST TO IDENTIFY WHO WANTS TO USE YOU AND WHO WANTS TO HELP YOU-DONT BE SCARED TO SPEAK OUT.GOD GAVE YOU TALENT NOT MAN.
There is a New WOLF in the Emerging imo State entertainment and it is here for its selfish reason.I KNOW THIS POST WILL MAKE THEM TRY TO CASTIGATE ME AT THE BACK BUT IF I HEAR FIMMM!!! I will make the main post of the treacherous act by this person that made me to understand they are here to use Owerri Artistes thinking that we are all NAIVE.Nwanne OWERRI ARTISTES ARE NOT NAIVE.
I am at the little level I am through sweat and blood and people in high places who put me on their shows and the street voice who love my voice and hustle.Anyone who knows me in person knows I am very humble and won’t take this decision without a heavy reason.if anyone comes to you to say bad things about me just know this is the reason🙏🏻🙏🏻.it will be wrong for me not to address this issue!!! I AM NO LONGER WITH PONDIS MANAGEMENT!!! #streetvoice #newowerri #owerri2theworld”

It can be recalled that Uc Flamez as well as other Imo based artists like Leo Saint and Cajeto made history when they signed under the Pondis Entertainment barely three months ago, giving a lot of promise and hope to the Imo entertainment industry.

But it is sad that barely three months later one of them have fallen out with the management already.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.