The Plaid Blazer every woman must have


Blazers, jackets and coats are not particularly worn in this clime because of our prevailing hot weather and even in cases where they are worn a lot of us wear it only to the offices and formal gatherings. This therefore limits the versatility of these outfits.
In spite of all this, the plaid jacket is still a classic wardrobe staple. These polished jackets are seeing better days now as our favourite style bloggers adorn themselves with these checkered blazers.
In rainy and cold weather, the plaid jackets come in handy especially when sweaters and cardigans may seem too common. Plaid jackets is the Way to go when you want to remain stylish and unique.
Even our celebrities are not left out.
With this trend, one thing remains clear which is; this outfit has proven that this formal piece can become turned into a sexy and casual fit.
However there is a thin line in wearing plaid and looking like a grandpa. In achieving a very stylish look take a cue from these ladies