The amazing style of these twin travel bloggers would leave you speechless


Hermon and Heroda aren’t the average twins we see around. They take our spotlight today for the good reasons. Going by their dazzling pictures on Instagram and their drool worthy style, Hermon and Heroda keep us glued to their lifestyle and we are definitely enjoying it.

These twins that have since lost the function of the ears make it seem like they have it all. From one picture to the next, there is no such thing as a dull moment. They exude such aura of happiness, freshness and rejuvenation and you’ll be quite shocked that these twins are actually deaf

They spend most of their time touring the world one country at a time, revealing the beauty that’s inherent in a country. Hermon and Heroda definitely do not have it all together but how they do things they do just leaves us in awe.

Their well put together outfits are a show stopper every single time. This set of identical twins are indeed one set of twins to love