Teni’s new single “Uyo Meyo” is all you need to get through this holidays season


Teni the entertainer’s new single “Uyo Meyo” is a classic example of what critics and consumers of Nigerian music mean when they say ‘they wish Nigerian music will have as much rich lyrics as it does melody and rhythm and vibe’.

Teni as she has always done, carefully crafted what we are vibing to this holidays season, and she sang through it effortlessly. She gave us pure gold, and served it with a recklesity that is admirable, with her tingling voice and soothing melody.

Rendered in Yoruba and English, “Uyo Meyo” talks about the complexity and rewards of will power. It goes just beyond the norm of most Nigerian music, which almost always focuses on dance alone, to pass a message of hope. The need to keep trying, pushing and believing.


The song is accompanied by a heartwarming up tempo melody and rhythm that instantly puts you in a kind of reflective mood that literally leaves you helpless, asking for more, but with all the right motives.

When Teni was creating this song, she must have considered a few things. The frequent hustle and bustle that is always here with us. And as the new year approaches, new year resolutions will begin to pour in. As much as you would want to change and become better, would you be able to? One thing is certain. If you strive hard, you can get through. You can be just what you want.

That’s the message and it’s been well received. It is resonating across the country at the moment and hopefully it will get results. Certainly, Teni’s “Uyo Meyo” is just what we all need to get through this holidays season.