Talosmart: The Nigerian social networking site that connects you to friends and helps you make money


    Hey there! Have you heard about Talosmart, the Nigerian social networking site that connects you to friends and helps you make money? We’re always the first to break all the juicy news to you and we love doing that.

    Talosmart with URL  http://talosmart.com is a social networking site. This means that you can connect with old friends and make new ones on the website.

    It is very similar to Facebook. You can make posts (status) and let it be visible to everyone or just your friends. You can and receive friend requests.It has all the features that Facebook has. And now you can send Talos (Talo is an image message that speaks your mind, e.g happy, in love, angry etc.) to your friends, you can add smiley to your posts and messages.

    There are provisions for creating groups and pages. You can send and receive instant messages, upload media files like videos, audios and images in different file formats.

    Here’s the best part. You can make money when you make friends. Yes I said it! 
    Win money when you make friends on Talosmart, you have nothing​ to loose but more to benefit. Win #1,000 (one thousand naira) on every 15 friends you make on Talosmart.  Just add friends from the list of members or invite your friends by their emails. Quick and simple, you can make more than #1,000 daily, the more friends you make the more money you make.

    To create an account go to www.talosmart.com/register to get started

    How to claim your money When you are ready to claim your earnings. Send your Talosmart username, total number of friends, your phone number, institution, department, level and amount to redeem to support@talosmart.com a mail will be send to you within 24hours with details on how to get your cheque.

    They are using cheque for record purposes. Make money while doing what you love.

    You can pay your monthly subscription, airtime etc with your earnings on www.talosmart.com just add 15 users as friends. It is that simple.

    Terms and conditions apply.