The snake that swallowed N36m from JAMB office now has a twitter account… Here are 20 Tweets about it


A couple of hours ago, there were reports from several news outlets that a snake had stolen N36Million from the JAMB Office in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

According to reports:

A team of auditors were dispatched to different state offices of JAMB to take inventory of the sold and unsold scratch cards and recover whatever money that might have either been generated or mismanaged during the period of the sale of scratch cards.

On their visit to Makurdi office of JAMB, a sales clerk, Philomina Chieshe, told JAMB registrar and his team that she could not account for N36 million she made in previous years before the abolition of scratch cards.

In the course of interrogation, Philomena confessed that it was her housemaid that connived with another JAMB staff, Joan Asen, to “spiritually” steal the money from the vault in the accounts office.

Philomina in her confessional statement said that Joan Asen and her accomplices confessed that they have been stealing the money “spiritually” through a mysterious snake that always sneak into the office to swallow the money from the vault.

This piece of news has been trending on Twitter for a few hours and a Twitter account has been created for the “snake”.

Meet the snake:

I was swallowing money all night. Can someone recommend a good spot to chill with babes?

See tweets about the incident below.

The Nigerian snake entering the JAMB office to swallow the 36m ??

Mum : Osi where is the 300k i gave you to give your brother

Me: Snake swallowed it ma ?

If snake can swallow N36m, why can’t my mother believe that snake swallowed all the meat in her pot?

1. What is N36million cash doing in Jamb office
2. When did money become part of the menu in a snake’s diet
3. What and why is a snake here in the first place?
4. Why is this news page verified?
5. Why is Nigeria useless like this?
6. Who did we offend?

What kind of Snake entered JAMB’s office and didn’t bite the gateman or the clerk but went ahead to swallow N36 million?

I hereby employ the state and federal government to search for this snake, by the powers above and beyond. If Jonah can survive few days in a fish, our N36m must still be intact. ? 

reporter : How did you manage to mysteriously swallow the 36 million from JAMB OFFICE ?

snake ? : *Mtchweee !!!*

Nigeria, we hail thee ???

I have a few questions though.
Which bank does the snake use?
Which party does this snake belong to?

So a snake is actually 36m Naira richer than me….. Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snake swallowed 36million in jamb office in Nigeria.
Rat chased the president out of office in NIGERIA.
People were murdered because of Cows in Nigeria.

Under PMB, Babachir SWALLOWED N12b belonging to IDPs.

Under PMB, Cabals SWALLOWED $25b contracts belonging to NNPC.

Under PMB, Cabals SWALLOWED $44m belonging to NIA.

Under PMB, Snake SWALLOWED N36m belonging to JAMB.

Can someone give these people incl. the snake Laxative!!!

These ones that are turning to snake to swallow millions of naira, imagine if they turn to Elephant. ?

Somewhere in the West African country of Nigeria, a snake swallowed a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) = N36m.

Tomorrow is sunday, and the country’s citizens will go ahead their normal affairs as if their nation is normal.

A snake. A snake swallowed cash that’s probably almost 100 times the weight of the largest snake in Nigeria.

These people actually don’t rate our intelligence quotient levels as a country.

Snake Swallowed N36Million. They don’t even regard us as humans anymore. Just say anything that comes to mind; doesn’t even have to make sense! They’ll rant about it for a couple of days and move on ??‍♂️

The day we collectively agreed to silly explanations like “Rats chased the President out of Aso Rock”, I knew there would never be an end to stupid excuses for incompetence and corruption.

Now someone says a snake has swallowed 36million naira.
Why exactly are you shocked?

So if I find the snake before anybody.. I get to keep the N36milliom

When you find out that Nigerian snake is richer than you ?