Shehu Sani takes a swipe on Buhari and the Presidency


Senator Shehu Sani has taken a swipe on President Buhari and the Presidency for finally bowing to pressure to visit areas affected by violence terrorrist attacks in Northeast Nigeria.

He made this remark on his facebook page while reacting to Buhari’s visit to states affected by violence.

“President Buhari has finally heeded to our call for him to visit states affected by violence.

“I commend the President for Bowing to the will of the people.In this respect,he demonstrated he is a democrat, submissive to popular appeal.

“But next time,he must not wait for pressure before acting in matters of compassion and leadership responsibility.

He also took a swipe on the Presidency who had previously defended Buhari for not visiting the affected areas.

“As for those who earlier opposed his visit to the victims of violence and career sycophants who see the President as always right,we pray for you.”

Buhari visited Taraba on Monday and is expected to visit other states hit by Boko Haram attacks and farmers-herdsmen clashes across the country.