“Shasha” is the ultimate proof that Uc Flamez is ready to take on Nigeria


Imo born Afrotrap rapper Uc Flamez released his third single of the year today and it’s literally put the entire state in flames. The song is titled “Shasha” which loosely translates to “enjoy”, “enjoyment”, or “sufficiency”.

Before “Shasha” Uc Flamez has done several other songs like are “Akwakuma” and “Akwakuma Remix” which features Terry Apala. If you follow his music, you’d know that he is all about hardwork and standards, and that’s exactly what he showed in this new song.

“Shasha” is a bumpy song. It literally gets you to nod at intervals and gives you that trap feel to vibe to. It is layered on fast tempo beats, with some form of basic strings whose sole purpose is to bring out the trap feel.

There are two factors “Shasha” could be considered a good song and may go on to be Uc Flamez’ grand introduction to the Nigeria music space. One is the different patterns of rap he used in the first and second verses. The first verse takes you on a slow and bumby run. It nicely rhymes with the beat and allows you time to catch up. The second verse is a lot faster, but also consistent with the beat. This is important if you want to spice things up for your listeners. If you want them to always look forward to your song and want to vibe to it.  Variety is good. Everyone enjoys it and Uc Flamez gave us enough of that.

The second factor is his delivery. Uc Flamez delivered his raps in the most mature and professional way. He was not at any time slower or faster than the beat. He flowed with the beat in the most consistent of ways. Delivery is a huge issue in trap music. It is usually what differentiates a good artiste from an upcoming artiste. Uc Flamez’ delivery is perfect.

“Shasha” is a good song. It ticks off all the factors of a hit song – beat, delivery and lyrics.

However, the fact that “Shasha” has the potential to be a hit song does not mean that it would be one. It still needs a propeller, a push to help it achieve this.

Uc Flamez needs a marketing strategy to break into the industry. He could either pump in money to promotions or look for a way to direct attention to himself and in turn to the song. At a time when Kanye West felt an unusual disconnect with his audience, especially because of his affiliations with US President Donald Trump, he traveled down to Africa (Uganda) to supposedly feel his roots. That story sold, but it is more a marketing story than an ordinary one.

Wizkid’s new song “Fever” didn’t get the acceptance he envisaged, particularly in Nigeria, so he brought Tiwa Savage in the video, a woman whom he has been rumored to be dating, and the internet broke. Now everyone knows there’s a Wizkid song called “Fever”. Those are marketing strategies and Uc Flamez needs one to break into the industry.

The young lad has come a long way in music and seems ready for the big stage. His work with Terry Apala is one of his best works yet, but “Shasha” is the ultimate proof that he is ready to take on Nigeria.