Sergio Marchionne set to down as Ferrari President.


Sergio Marchionne has revealed he could step down from his role earlier than expected after recent talks of a successor set to take over with the Italian car company.

Marchionne who is Ferrari president and Fiat CEO is already due to step down later this year cause of medical issues but it could be triggered after a recent shoulder operation appear to have fast-tracked moves by Fiat to sort matters out.

Four candidates have already emerged namely : Alfredo Altavilla (EMEA manager of the group), Richard Palmer (financial director), Pietro Gorlier (CEO of Magneti Marelli) and Mike Manley, head of the Jeep brand to replace Marchionne as CEO.

An early departure from Ferrari for Marchionne would have a big impact on the team, because he has been a driving force in pushing it on in recent years as well as helping bring the Alfa Romeo name back to F1.

Marchionne has also played a key role in discussions over 2021 rules, having threatened to pull Ferrari out of F1 if he feels the sport heads in a direction that does not suit the Italian car manufacturer.Sergio MarchionneSergio MarchionneSergio Marchionne