Senator Uwajumogu says EFCC will arrest Gov. Okorocha in 2019


Senator representing Okigwe in Imo State at the National Assembly Benjamin Uwajumogu has said the EFCC will most likely arrest Governor Rochas Okorocha after his tenure in 2019.

He said this in an interview with Vanguard.

Read excerpts fromm the interview below:


“Governor Okorocha had threatened to leave the party if the congresses were not reversed. The congresses were not reversed. He threatened to leave after the local government congresses and the congresses results were accepted. He threatened to leave after the state congress and that was also accepted.

“Now, I hear he has threatened to leave if my position was not taken… This started more than two weeks ago and it is just a coincidence that I had made up my mind to leave at this time and I am just hoping that now that I have left, he will return to Owerri where he was voted to do the job because he has abandoned his duties.

“He has 27 general hospitals that he claims to have completed but I understand that they have been overtaken by weeds. He has 1, 000km of road that has created huge erosion in various communities in Imo state.

“In fact, the only functional hospital that we have, a specialist hospital, he willed it to himself and today that hospital is not functional. So today, Imo State is a massive basket of fraud and I am very sure that the EFCC have their records on him and we will wait for them to do the needful by the time he leaves this position because I am sure that he has a lot of questions to answer.”