See what TwitterNG is saying about Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s agbada to #BAAD2017


Stupid question, but did you see Ebuka Obi-Uchendu‘s Agbada yesterday at Banky Wand Adesua Etomi‘s traditional wedding?

He was everywhere on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere!

Off Ugo Monye‘s collection debuted at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2017, theagbada was, well, unconventional, but at the same time so damn fine.


And, of course, being who he is, he made theagbada seem like he came out the womb wearing it.

And everyone seems to agree, which is rare, very rare, very very rare, very very very rare on TwitterNG streets. See the reactions Ebuka and his agbada got on Twitter:

Banks dey marry but na Ebuka una dey talk about since. If dem born any of una well, come slay for my wedding. Security go beat

This is Ebuka
He is the man your girl shouldn’t come across
He’s looks are bad
He’s dresses are bad
He slayed at


I like where they went to hide Ebuka in this picture ??. You cannot come here and dress like you contributed money for the bride price.

You know how kids in the hood look at Wizkid and Davido and think “I wanna be like these guys when I grow up”?

That’s how all the agbadas in all your wardrobes are looking at Ebuka’s agbada.

The annoying thing is that this legendary Agbada worn by @Ebuka is even doing a duckface pose for the photo because it knows it looks good.

I can only imagine how Ebuka felt after wearing that agbada…I bet he stepped out feeling like he was about to go save the world.

Ebuka ooo!!!
CEO- Agbada Technologies
MD/CEO- Agbada Enterprises
CAPTAIN -Agbada Platoon
Daddy GO -Agbada Ministries
Commander in Chief -Agbada Republic
CHAIRMAN – Agbada Local Government
Principal Partner -Agbada consultants Limited
Youth Leader – Agbada Foundation

You see this shit Ebuka just why none of y’all ‘extra’ niggas are coming to my wedding!?

Iznor me you’ll coman make look basic on my wedding. ??

Whispers to bouncer: “Pls just ask that man if today is his wedding…if he says No…throw him out TF!”?

That Ebuka’s agbada uses fenty beauty.. agbada that doesn’t reply dms,agbada that uses iPhone x. Agbada with clear skin… Harvard graduate agbada with PhD in slayology ?

Ebuka should be arrested. Just stole the shine from the groom. This is illegal, how can agbada be this fine! This AGBADA is not anybody’s agbada’s mate

This Ebuka agbada will soon make people cry for Christmas when their tailor sews bathrobe for them as agbada ?? @PerrieFidelis

I think I should erect a statue of @Ebuka. Nigerians wont complain this time. The Agbada is that good.

I’m just seeing Ebuka’s outfit very well now. Did they tell him he has carryover from his wedding that he dressed that good?