Sarriball too hard – Pedro


Sarriball too hard – Pedro

Mauricio Sarri has been under immense pressure for a while after strings of bad away results conceding ten goals in two games.

The Board have therefore given the Italian a month to turn things around or risk being sacked by the club cause sure results are so unacceptable.

Pedro has come out in the wake of current events at the bridge to reveal hidden truths on the minds of some players.

Pedro said sometimes the players struggles to put Maurizio Sarri’s high-intensity tactics into practice but of how new the system is but further stressed that the players are 100 per cent behind the under-fire boss.

After making a bright start at Stamford Bridge, the former Napoli coach has found life in the Premier League rather trickier in recent months.

The Italian’s ‘Sarriball’ approach has been closely discussed and analysed since he arrived in London, but Pedro confesses that it is at times just as challenging for the players.

“All the team follows the idea of Maurizio: press really high, stay compact, and to create chances. With good possession, a lot of the ball. We can do this as a team,” the Spaniard told reporters on Wednesday.

“But sometimes it’s so difficult to play in this way. It depends upon the opponents. City played very well, so it was so difficult to press, to create between the lines and to defend.

“But it’s Maurizio’s idea, and I prefer to press high when we recover the ball to create chances, not to wait for 90 minutes to recover the ball and run 60 metres to score the goal.

“In the last few games it’s not been in very good condition for the results. Now is a good opportunity tomorrow to win and get our best confidence.