Sanchez blasts the Media on the recent reports of his lackadaisical approach to Arsenal games.


The Chilean was furious in the interview held yesterday in the wake of Chile’s 1-0 defeat to Bolivia in South America’s World Cup qualifiers.

The Arsenal Star was in the news for much of the transfer Window about his possible exit out of the club to a potential move to Manchester City that ultimately broke down.

And now “tired” after what has been an emotional few months for club and country, the 28-year-old took to Instagram to vent his frustration at what he feels has been harsh criticism from the press.

“And there comes the time when you get tired,” he said.

“You get tired when you are criticised with or without reason, you get tired when people want to see you defeated.

“You get tired to tell yourself ‘I will get up again’ after crying about a defeat, and you get tired telling the world and the people that are with you that everything is okay.