Ride hailing giants Taxify and Didi Chuxing have a partnership that should worry Uber in Africa


    The ride hailing economy in Africa just got heated after Chinese company Didi Chuxing announced a partnership with Estonian giant Taxify to expand operations .

    The partnership,announced on Tuesday by the two parties will see increased pressure on troubled Uber in Asia,Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

    In a statement from its founder and Chief Executive,Will Cheng ,the Chinese company,which is considered responsible for Uber’s exit from the Chinese market explained it’s reason for partnering with Taxify.

    “Taxify provides innovative, high-quality mobility services across many diverse markets. We share a strong commitment to harnessing the power of mobile technology to satisfying rapidly evolving consumer demands and revitalizing traditional transportation industry”.

    “I believe this partnership will contribute to cross-regional smart transportation linkages between Asian, European and African markets.”Didi Chuxing’s founder and Chief Executive Will Cheng Wei said in a press announcement Tuesday.

    The partnership underscores Didi Chuting’s growing stranglehold over the ride hailing ecosystem after it also invested $100million in another rival Lyft and raised billions in in investor funding.

    Taxify’s growth in Africa especially in South Africa and Nigeria should be helped by this partnership as it seeks to overtake Uber.

    “Taxify will utilize this partnership to solidify our position in core markets in Europe and Africa. We believe Didi is the best partner to help us become the most popular and efficient transport option in Europe & Africa,” said Markus Villig, founder and chief executive of Taxify.