Relashareship: Help!!! My man has never given me any gift since 3years we started dating…What do I do???


    Hi everyone,
    Admin plz post this for me , keep my identity hidden and notify me when posted.
    Hello my good people of RMIG, plz a sister needs ur assistance. I’m 23yrs and my guy is 31yrs and I’ve been dating this guy for 3yrs he is caring in all aspects except giving out something to me(e.g Gifts, money) , since I’ve known him he has never given me anything on his own and even if I ask he doesn’t respond positively. Is not that I’m after his money but my concern are… 1) A guy that can’t willingly give anything to his girlfriend without her asking first will such man be able to take care of his family when we eventually get married?
    2.) how do I make him understand that it’s important to give even if it’s a little, how do I present the issue to him. Can I really change such guy, will such man take care of his family when marriage his involve. 3)are some men naturally stingy when in a relationship or it’s just their nature not to give when dating. How do I change him, please I’m really concern and unhappy about it. Friends please put me through.


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