Ramos slams his teammates after Season long Disastrous Performance.


Sergio Ramos entertained the Media in a short session addressing Madrid season so far shortly after news of Zidane return.

Though News have gone round about a prominent figure at the Bernabeu having a clash with president Florentino Perez but talk of any divides within the camp has been shut down.

In a series of posts on social media, Ramos has said of goings on in Madrid: “As footballers we like to do our talking on the pitch but this season is not turning out that way. Recent events have been disastrous and I’m not hiding.

We are not hiding. We the players are primarily responsible and I, as captain, more than anyone.

“That’s why I thought that the most honest way to answer the questions that are circulating around us would be to tackle them directly.

“Was the yellow card in Amsterdam an error? Absolutely it was an error and I take the blame 200%.

“Did you argue with the president in the dressing room? Dressing room issues are discussed and resolved in the dressing room. There’s no problem whatsoever and everybody has the same interest.