The plaid trend is here to stay and we are all for it.


When you think about plaid, you think about old school and this is because this plaid pattern dates back to the 90’s, but there’s really something spectacular about this trend, it’s back bigger and better.

It’s one outfit that comes in handy during fall and seems to be everywhere during this season. This pattern isn’t restricted to tops, amazing isn’t it?. You can find such patterns on cardigans, leggings, boots and scarves.

Plaids, check and tartans all have so many things in common and might be interpreted as same. However our focus is on how plaid trend is making a big comeback to the fashion scene even instagram can attest to this. There is not a page you would scroll on instagram and not find a plaid style.

One thing does make a plaid pattern everyone’s favourite and this is because it gives us an ample choice of patterns, colours, fabrics and styles. It’s a fashion fall go to style but everyone seems to be wearing it all year round.

Take a look at some pictures