I don’t know if its just me but my love for liquor is great, I am not ever going to decide if drinking is wrong or right,the tickling and mood I swing to is everything and more. While I’ll drink because I want to ,I have met few people who took to liquor for so many reasons… Will I talk about it? Yaaas , maybe two or three stories I’ve heard,but if your solution for curing pain is alcohol ,drugs or something related; you’re wrong.
Pain, needs to be felt and should be felt. Give yourself all the time you need, Time will happen,it will heal. You don’t own all the problems, and there is definitely someone whose situation is worse than yours.

So Buchi and I met somewhere in Lagos ,drunk! We were drunk and stupid. I had to admit that depression has grade. We became friends afterwards, took Me 24hours to realize that she does drugs, one would conclude on that from the way she dresses, talks ,walks and perception. She always has a different opinion to things ,you can say she is wild…it doesn’t change that we are all Gods Art ,a product of Love.
Fast forward to when her mom always travelled out of the country almost every weekends, she was so busy that she couldn’t afford attention for her only child. I’m guessing she couldn’t also afford time for a second child too. You’ll think Buchi was an adopted child. The busy fashion conscious mom gave her daughter all the space in the world,and everything a child needs.

At 9, you don’t expect anyone to be too clever, I don’t! While I had a mom who would count my books page by page ,numbering them for accuracy just in case I pull one out to play games and write letters ,Buchi had a dad who would sleep with her everyday. At 9, it was quite normal for her,she doesn’t even remember when she started having sex, at 12 she got pregnant and had complications on removing the baby, there was no way out but be a Mom. Her poor Mom had only broken down maybe once or twice. she sent Buchi abroad;like every other persons, BuBu put to birth and came back to Nigeria after a while. Nobody knows about the biological parent. So Her daughter was her mother’s grand child/step daughter and her father’s daughter and grand daughter. But every other person thought that her baby was her sister, it had to be so… The society will talk,the mother said. Buchi is still angry that her mom couldn’t fight for her and her emotions… She wakes up to her own abomination every morning having to face her own child,she doesn’t know what kind of a mom she will be.

Even though Buchi is beautiful, educated and influential,she lives on the street like a mad girl sometimes, the pain she carries in her heart is heavy.
People have different ways of dealing with pains,handling issues and letting it go. Most persons have confided in alcohol, this doesn’t change the situation but its gives them inner peace for a while.

Ill not judge the pain I’ve not felt, but there are more stories that is worse than yours. many persons are broken hearted, many are on the street and abnormal, Thank Art for fine clothes… It covers a lot. You and i have a reason to be unnecessarily nice to people whether they deserve it or not; and everyone deserves anything good because you don’t want to add to the trauma. painkillers hide the pain but doesn’t remove it. The best way to recover from pain ,is to endure it; then and only then can we don’t