“Owerri has no good music export right now and I’m the one to do that” – Rapper Obeena


New Afrotrap artiste Obeena is making some strong statements about the Imo entertainment industry.

The rapper was on the morning show “The Blaze” with Ugo Pluto on Orient TV on December 25th and challenged those who are currently leading the pack in the industry

He wrote on his Instagram page:

“I was at Orient 94.4 FM on the 25tg of December discussing issues about Owerri hip-hop music industry on the Blaze to fame show with Ugo Pluto, a program sponsored by Life Beer. A lot of people think I’m dissing fellow artists/rappers, am only saying they’re not passionate about this music stuff and they aren’t working hard enough. I am only saying Owerri has no good music export right now, and I’m the one to do that. I am only saying no to rappers joining music with politics, and freestyle rappers who aren’t working hard enough but relaxing in the fame. I am only saying no to familiarities. Remedy is not a song but a message.. I will wake Owerri up because everyone seems scared. 


Obeena made his debut in the industry in November with the single “Remedy”.

“Remedy” was well received by fans and has been making waves ever since.