“One Corner Dance”: It is not the song that attracts people but the craze, the high and the recklessness associated with it


The “One corner” dance is the current craze sweeping across Ghana into Nigeria right now and with everything Nigeria, I fear it may envelope the whole of Africa and into Europe and the Americas.

Many have asked why people are so attracted to the song whenever it is played.

Here’s the answer. It is not the song itself that attracts people but the craze, the high, the recklessness and the fun. Boys and girls alike are seen on the streets, at wedding receptions, in the club or wherever, rubbing their genital area against the other’s buttocks. It is not the melody of the song that pushes them to do that neither is it the beat but the feeling of reckless abandon associated with it.


The new song is everywhere now and it’ll be a while before it would be forgotten. Hell, it may become the next big dance across Africa.

Whatever gives people freedom to misbehave and become crazy is bound to sell and this is one of them.

Whether or not you choose to get involved in this craze is up to you. Are you sane enough to decide? Is your moral consciousness still alive? We’ll see, I guess.