On his first outing as an Afropop artist, Xbusta fails to impress


Over the weekend, Runway Entertainment signee Xbusta, released what he calls his last song of the year. The song which he titles “Billion dollar” is his first real attempt as an Afropop artist.

Before now, Xbusta has been and is still known as a lyricist and freestyler, and he demonstrates this in the Hip-Hop and Rap genre. His decision to do something outside his comfort zone shows versatility, courage and confidence on his part. He showed that he can be more than just a rap artist, and that he can survive in an industry like ours which gives more preference to Afropop artists but pays little or no attention to rap and hip-hop artists. While this claim is still debatable, activities in the Nigeria music industry seem to suggest that it is true.

For the rap and hip-hop artists to survive then, there has to be a meeting point. A kind of acceptance level where rap artists are allowed to throw in one or more singles in the Afropop genre to consolidate their existence and make profit. That is where Xbusta stood when he made “Billion Dollar”.

“Billion Dollar” is made with the Afropop popular mid-tempo beat and has a message of hope and strength for individuals in the music industry as well as those in other walks of life. These two factors – a mid-tempo beat and a message of hope – usually guarantee success in this genre and that is what Xbusta capitalised on.


But while it is not a bad song, it failed to impress. It is flat and regular and has no surprises. It however shows strength and courage, and promises of better songs to come from Xbusta.