Odemwingie exposes African players, says they believe in juju


Barely a day after losing his Manager to cult attacks in Benin,the Former Eagles Striker has come out to reveal activities behind the scene.

Peter Odemwingie who is half Russian and half Nigerian has finally opened up on a past experience he had when he broke his arm while playing for the Eagles.

”I had a fall in training, I also hurt my shoulder
and broke my arm. I was afraid to tell my mom
so they took me to the local juju man,”

”They poured hot water to relax the muscles.
Somehow they returned the hand to the place,
while I yelled, they twisted some small sticks.

There was a rite with a chicken.
”I came home, my mother saw the hand:
“Broke?”. I answer: “Yes.” I was taken to a
regular hospital, anesthesia was done, they put
the plaster on. All is well in the end. ”

Though the player was diplomatic in revealing a lot of things,but he still answered questions on if African players also do this.
He said “African players believe juju men are more
important than modern doctors, 70% of players believe in it.

”But three years in Nigeria have been helpful to