Obeena is on his way to becoming the next BIG name in the Nigeria Hip-Hop space


It usually takes hard work and determination to get to the top, but I’d like to add flair and charisma to that list. Sometime in November, Afro Hip-Hop artist Obeena dropped a freestyle “Remedy”. That song has gone on to impress music critics and fans.

It is rendered in Igbo language and slightly follows in the direction of most Afro hip-hop songs made in Southeast Nigeria. But it contains a dose of flair and charisma. It tells the story of a rising hip-hop industry in Southeast Nigeria. This story sells each time it is told because of the rising interest of millenials in the region in music, and their desire to go mainstream. Obeena rode on the back of this success story to announce himself. Clever!

“I have two other songs but decided to drop this one first. It is just a freestyle and my way of announcing myself”, Obeena tells me.

The industry is for sharks, and by that I mean those who know what they want and are not afraid to go get it. Though new, this young lad is looking past all the hurdles of the mainstream industry and pushing forward with just belief, faith and courage. I listened to the other two songs he talked about and it was particular and different. He combines trap and melody in a way that has never been seen before. At least not yet in our space.

But while he is on this trajectory and it seems everything is working, it can be frustrating if the goal is not reached, as soon as possible. Therefore it is pertinent to note that the industry is hard and difficult to penetrate. It is filled with different people with talents, and everyone is working towards the single goal of ‘blowing’, of remaining at the top and being king forever.

Among other things, charisma, flair and loyalty from fans is needed to pull through. Having been to some media houses already for interviews, media rounds and so on, Obeena may be on his way to becoming the next big thing in the Nigeria hip-hop space.

Here’s “Remedy” by Obeena. Download and enjoy.