Oakland fans welcome victorious Warriors


Golden State Warriors landed in Oakland nearly an hour after their scheduled arrival time of 3:30 p.m. Saturday and were gladly welcomed by fans.

Fans from all over came out shouting and chanting in admiration of the Golden State Warriors team as they were outside the private air strip next to the Oakland International Airport.

For as tired as the team looked and sounded, energy and life was supplemented by the hundreds of fans, who embraced the organization like a platoon back coming back from a hard-fought war.


Stepping off the plane first with the coveted Larry O’Brian Trophy, in his arms was Stephen Curry who literally danced to his own beat at the top of the stairs to exit the charter flight.

As each player exited the plane, a new wave of cheers rose from the crowd seemingly louder than the last.

The highlight of the arrival, perhaps, was JaVale McGee and shirtless Nick Young who sprayed magnum-sized bottles of champagne as they walked off of the plane. Clearly $400,000 worth of Moet from the night before wasn’t enough for the pair.

For as excited as Young and McGee were, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr expressed a sense of relief instead when addressing the media.

With his voice clearly hoarse from the festivities of the night prior, Kerr told SFBay just how difficult this journey was compared the seven other championships won over the course of his illustrious playing and coaching career :

“Probably the most difficult. It’s been a long year. Long, difficult season but it’s definitely all worth it in the end. Just an amazing finish.