Nigerian writer, Onyeka Nwelue, says Rwandan President Paul Kagame is petty and has put fears in Rwandans


Nigerian writer, Onyeka Nwelue, has said that Rwandan President, Paul Kagame is petty and has put fears in Rwandans.

He said this in a post he published on his facebook page. In the post, Nwelue said that Kagame literary aits for you to tweet something he does not like, and the proceeds to throw you into prison. He also said Rwandans live in fear of their president everyday, and can deny you any moment for fear of being thown into prison.

Read his post below:

“I used to be the darling of Rwandans, until I insulted their petty President. You know, we all think Donald Trump is petty. Kagame trumps Trump on that. Kagame is the one using his Twitter. He screengrabs your Tweets. He enjoys the ego massaging on Twitter. Once you tweet anything he does not like, he will wait to pick you up and throw you into his dirty prison cells, where his police men who look like kwashiorkor patients carry guns up and down, watching people.

By the time the Rwandan Investigation Bureau Officers came to my hotel in suit in Kigali, to pick me, everyone began to deny me.

I know personally all the popular people in Rwanda, from former Minister of Youth and Sports, Joe Habineza, owner of the biggest film school in Kigali, Eric Kabera, the youngest thriving photographer in Rwanda, who hosted me at this event I am reposting an article from, they all denied being my ‘friend.’ The calls were placed on loudspeaker and I heard them say they know I am a celebrity and popular and they hosted me once, but that we were not friends.

I do not care if you think this is over generalization, but as long as Kagame is President of Rwanda, do not trust a Rwandan. He will deny you the minute he feels he will get into trouble and run away.

Kagame has put fears in Rwandans. They even believe he sees them where they are. They tried to do that to me when they took my phone and laptop and passwords. I was told my accessories had not been cloned.

But, I am Nigerian. We can’t believe in mundane things. Meanwhile, the world thinks Nigeria is a den of conmen and betrayers. No, I know the countries that are worse than Nigeria, covering up their dirt.”