Navicorp Opinion: FG has no business interfering in Big Brother Naija matters


This issue has been talked about over and over again, but for the sake of clear analysis, let’s talk about it once more.

So Minister of information, Lai Mohammed and the Nigerian broadcasting corporation, NBC want to look into the reason Big Brother Naija, a show owned by Africa Magic and designed to entertain Nigerians, is being held in South Africa and not in Nigeria. That’s a good course. Any responsible leadership should look out for its people. But that’s just what it is, a good course.

Part of their jobs as leaders is to make sure Nigerians are never cheated but should get what is rightly theirs.Does Africa Magic pay taxes in Nigeria? Yes they do. Do they obey the laws guiding the way business is run in Nigeria? Yes they do.  Probing the matters surrounding the reason the owners of the show chose to hold it in South Africa and not in Nigeria is baseless, meaningless, a waste of everyone’s time. Every company has the right to run their business in a way that will benefit them and that’s what Africa Magic has just done.

According to a report they released, Africa Magic chose to hold BBNaija in South Africa because all the facilities they need to run the show successfully are already in South Africa. Remember they are the owners of Big Brother Africa too. Why waste more money setting up a new venue and all the other stuff needed for the show in Nigeria when they’re already in South Africa.

Moreover the economic crisis in Nigeria coupled with the fact that basic things companies need to run smoothly, like steady power supply, good economic policies etc are hardly available make it necessary to move the show to South Africa. Every good business person or investor would take that decision to remain in business and that’s just what Africa Magic has done. Kudos to them!

Nigerian government should however focus their energy into solving the many problems they have and not meddling into issues that hardly concern them. Every country has its problems and how well they take care of them shows how effective they are in running their government. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, the issue of BBNaija is zero. And that means it shouldn’t even be mentioned. Other important matters troubling Nigeria which we do not want to mention here should be occupy their priority list.