Nagging Girlfriends Make Men Healthier

In reality, nagging is a form of regulation. Men don’t pay attention to their health, so it’s up to their wives and girlfriends to make sure they get enough exercise, don’t eat too much sugar, eat enough vegetables, and monitor all of their other health behaviors. Women do a lot in addition to caring for themselves.

This regulation improves men’s overall life quality, but they choose to perceive it as annoying and hostile behavior.

Overall, this study challenges the widely held belief that poor marital quality is always harmful to one’s health. The truth is far more complicated, especially since nagging becomes caring when the gender roles are reversed. Nagging indicates that women are household managers and are on top of domestic issues that men see as repetitive requests. Women help men live longer lives, and this is how they are rewarded!

Communication is the key to couples meeting in the middle. Seeing each other’s points of view is critical in a relationship, so try to see things through the eyes of someone who loves you. It can help the conversation if a woman expresses that she is requesting something because she cares about and loves her partner.

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