My Travel Experience



I woke up one morning and went to work, my boss said to me you will be going to deliver something stuff at Port Harcourt, ewofe street, I agreed and we started preparing by 11am till 2pm.

I went to the park to board a bus for my journey when I got there there was no available bus. We waited until finally a bus agreed to go for the journey at about 4:53pm. We all boarded the bus and set off for the journey at about 7:30 I finally got to my destination.

After the delivery I left the house at about 8:30pm and boarded a Keke to wimpy junction where I’ll enter a bus to rumukoro, as I was about entering the buss some sharp guy picked my phone without me even noticing it when the bus was about to move I found out my phone was missing and then I told the bus driver to stop that they’ve stolen my phone, he stopped and I came down then they left me behind.

I had to find a place to sleep that night and the next morning I continued my journey back home to my boss, when I arrived I went to my boss to tell the situation, and took permission to go home and rest for a while.

After an hour I went back to work, only for my boss to ask me ” what took you so long” are you still mourning the phone. I kept quiet and didn’t answer that.

If it were you what will your answer be?

Here are some tips to help you avoid what happened to me:

1. Be sure to be notified a day before such journey.

2.Prepare all you need in time

3.Leave early

4.Be very careful with your stuff

5.Maintain the positive attitude