Morata feels sad about comments of him being unhappy at the bridge.


Alvaro Morata has come out to clarify comments made about him in the media where it was reported he is unhappy at Chelsea.

The Former Juventus Striker was quoted by a newspaper as saying that he missed playing for the Turin side and that he would like to live in Italy.

However, he has now insisted that there was a “communication problem” and that he is content in London, as Chelsea prepare to face Roma in the Champions League.

“Probably we have a communication problem with this interview. All I said was I was very happy at Juventus,” he told reporters at a press conference. “In the interview I wanted to say probably after my career I don’t live in London. But I’m really happy in London.

“I really like London now, but probably in the future when I want to bring my children to school I prefer to go back to my country.

“I’m talking only about the traffic & lots of people. But it’s a great city… I really enjoy London.