Morality of Corps Members


The social media is of recent is trafficked by Corps members with pictures, gratitude and accolades acclimating their Passing Out Parade (POP). I felicitate with them, indeed It feels like being let out of a cage after a year and that accounts for the joy shared when POP calls.

Most people actually pass out with little or no preparation for the after service experience. Off course they depend on the plethora and inflow of promises from uncles, aunties and relatives which have only a 20% chance of coming through.

I guess after a month, many would have that hope crushed, therefore come to realize the radicalized nature of the Labour market. I hope they don’t regret taking their skill acquisition and entrepreneurship Development (SAEED) with kid gloves.


Anyway, my aim of penning this is far beyond the POP; rather a displeasure as to how many have fared during their service year.

In the simplest of word, the NYSC scheme is becoming a den for cohabitation and before you talk me into the balderdash of intruding into people’s lives, let me bring to your know, the effect it portrays on the scheme such that it’s becoming a mockery to what the scheme stands for.

NYSC perhaps stands for moral ethics, ironically, that’s why the uniform usually come quite oversized.

The younger ones especially secondary school pupils usually look up to the corps members as their model even work and prayer to get there someday, but guess what they see their instructors doing? Wearing skimpy dress, doing drugs and worse still; cohabiting, living and engaging all activity as though they were married. Soon after, these students would act what they’ve seen. Because you not only tutor them academically, but morally and spiritually. I know you won’t want your children encountering this type of Corps members as instructors.

I seriously can’t correlate how their lifestyle meets what they teach during their Community Development Service (CDS), like the Drug Law and Extra Morals CDS etc. It’s alien to me; as though it were their first time of leaving home without parental supervision. One would guess what kind of lifestyle this category of people lived during their undergraduate years.

Sincerely parent, NACC, NCCF, and other bodies approved by NYSC should talk sense into them especially the ladies who later become victims of so many ills.